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Loyalty program

How does our loyalty system work?

As a registered user you collect points for each purchase. Exchange the collected points for credit which you can use to select any special offer on Slevomat. 


Exchange the collected points for credit and you can select your reward! Check to see how many points you have collected here.
Select from the a choice of thousands of current offers at 

With each purchase you come closer to a reward.

Get the very best for your credit?

BB Box points Slevomat credits
10 points 100 credits
23 points 250 credits
46 points 500 credits
90 points 1000 credits
210 points 2500 credits

Do you place large orders?

If the number of ordered boxes for a given month exceeds 30, the next month you can order from us at a discount price! Order more than 50 and the next month you will have boxes only for 319 CZK.
The price is calculated according to the collections made in the calendar month. If they are sufficient the price in the next calendar month will be automatically discounted.


regular customers

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